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A few years ago, after opening Answer Marketing owner Kristi Kirkland took the elements that worked from every networking group that she had been a member of and combined it into one group. She then added to that her knowledge and expertise of social media for an improved type of power connection group. She refers to this group as a “For Profit Group.” It is a group with a lot of accountability, but it is not made for everybody. If a person is looking for a group that focuses on just making friends and is a way to escape the office for a couple of hours, this is not the group for them.  It is a very aggressive professional group. It is also an area exclusive group – meaning there will only ever be ‘one’ in a county! As each industry seat fills with a member it will effectively lock out the competition for that entire community – literally ‘First Join – First Benefit’!!

When thinking of what being a part of an Answer Marketing Direct Referral Group means; think “Aggressive Power Connectors MISSED-THE-TRAINmixed with a whole lot of PR”!

Do not make the mistake of thinking if you have attended another direct referral group that you know what a ‘power connection’ group is all about.  You must visit to get the full gist of how being a member would benefit you.  These groups were built out of a need to achieve greater results and are constantly evolving.

If approved for membership you receive: Weekly 90 minute power sessions, your benefaction booklet, training/orientation, your 15-20 minute moment in the spotlight on rotation if you meet the requirements, business card book & valuable connections. Whoop Whoop!!

ADDED BONUS → → → Must be earned:
Perks of being an AMI Power Connection group member: FREE PR and frankly LOTS of it!!
This comes in the form of:
• Having your testimonials that are given in writing turned into online masterpieces where all involved are connected and seen!
• Written articles SUBMITTED are turned into blogs for you for FREE, added to the newsletter (where available) and pushed out on social media promoting you as someone to know!!
• Training is given free quarterly!! Not just the standard once a year. Added value just keeps coming!!
• Promotion of your business and you as an individual! (Must provide content)
• Business card & promotional material on display at AMI – well at least for those that take advantage of it (OPPORTUNITY) It was mentioned during the educational moment, it is not with what we are given that success comes from but what we do with it…
• Business cards included in professional – handy business card holder given to all visitors and guest speakers.
• The staff at Answer Marketing spend hours – WEEKLY promoting & adding value for each AMI professional group member
• AMI produces blogs, community newsletters and manages over 89 and counting forms of online media platforms – we love bragging about our Power Connectors!
• Weekly promotion for members & speakers
• Discounts and even free opportunities (for current members only) to programs, seminars and training sessions offered to Bay County that usually cost upwards of several hundred dollars. That is just awesome!!
• Discounted rates for members for marketing and media services offered by AMI – several valuable members are taking advantage of this now!
• HUGE BONUS…. Community press coverage most of the time is paid for by AMI and given to you for FREE every year – most years we are able to offer the teams as many as seven such opportunities!!

So… if you are not yet a member, what are you waiting for?

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