Events and Seminars

2017/18 brings a lot of new opportunities to AMI clients, friends and followers with Inspirational Corner Seminars, Training Courses, Power Achievers Groundbreaking quarterly seminars, New Direct Referral Groups, Speed Networking events, Munch N Masters, New Owner E² group and so much more! Make sure to connect with us through our social media platforms or sign up for our monthly newsletters.

Answer Marketing has hundreds of action based training and growth courses designed for professionals and companies wanting to accelerate their possibilities. Below is a brief list of some of these courses.  Several of these courses are offered free to AMI’s professional teams they manage like the A-Team’s, Circle of Excellence, Smart Team’s and more.  If you or your company is interested in obtaining our services we would love to hear from you!

  • Customer retention – It’s a team thing!
  • Outside sales strategies that work
  • Everyone sales from the janitor to the CEO – here’s how!
  • Social Media – making it work
  • How to run a profitable team sales meeting
  • Visibility by the numbers
  • When new meets old magic happens
  • New sales staff productivity training
  • Net-WORKING the right way
  • Turning your clients into a sales force
  • Achieving visibility for FREE
  • Juicing your team into productive overdrive
  • It’s a family event – building your home team
  • Success Habits and Selling Secrets
  • Gaining back momentum avoiding the stall out
  • Time and Productivity – take back the day

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