4 tips for business card value

Most professionals see their business cards as a simple formality, rather than the powerful sales, networking, and marketing tool that it is. Implemented correctly, business cards can embed you and your brand in customers’ minds, motivate callbacks and generate sales.
I am Michael Schoepf, owner of SchoepfNet designs. With over 20 years in the printing and design industry, I have the ability to help you ditch your ugly business cards. Let me show you how easy great design can be with these top tips.
1. Maximize You.
People do business with other people, but many business cards spend more space on the company and brand than the person handing them out. Your company may have a format for business cards that is set in carbonite. You, mere peon, cannot change it. Offering to pay for your own cards will usually allow you to make a break for it from the rest of the crowd. Take that freedom and make sure your name is big and bold, along with your contact information to help establish customer relationships.

Image Source: Pink Zebra by SchoepfNet designs
2. Ditch the Mug Shot.
OK, so your assistant finally wrangled you in a corner for that mug shot your designer has been asking for, and you look like a raccoon caught in a garbage can. If you want to get a mug shot taken, break the law. If you want to convince customers to do business with you, take a shot of you in action, in a positive light. Don’t constrain it in square borders; instead, have it take up half of your card or the entire background. No photo at all is better than a pre-coffee photo snapped in a dim corner of your office.

Image Source: John Shook by SchoepfNet designs
3. Poor Printing will destroy your business.
Considering printing your business cards on your desktop printer or local copy center? Think again. Not only is the quality of ink and paper suspect – and as such reflective of your own quality – it’s more expensive. You can print premium business cards on professional paper stocks cheaper than doing it alone, and you won’t have any of those perforated edges cheapening your brand – and personal image.
4. Explore exciting options.
If your business cards look like everyone else’s, you’re missing the boat. Experiment with different sizes and shapes: square, oval, slim, ultra thick and custom die-cut business cards. Foil accents are a hot trend and my new raised foil option will certainly grab your customer’s attention. Try contrasting colors, bold text and different textures like silk laminated for a soft, velvety feel. SchoepfNet designs can help you make your business card stand out and command attention. Let me show you how easy great design can be.

Image Source: Interiors by Ernst by SchoepfNet designs
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